Absa Wildeklawer Sport Netball Tournament 2022 rules – English




  • Matches will be 4 x 8 minutes with a 2-, 3-and 2-minute interval for U/18 and 2 x 12 minutes with a 3 minute interval for U/16 matches.
  • Two (2) points will be allocated for a win, one (1) point for a draw and nil (0) point for a match lost.
  • Goal averages will be considered if teams are even after round 15. Thereafter the team with the most goals will be regarded as the winner.  If teams are still even after this, a coin toss will be taken to determine the winner.
  • Injury Time: In the event of an injury the umpire will stop the game and the injured player must be replaced immediately. If the injury is serious and the player cannot be moved from the court an official from the technical table must be called to assist and deal with the protocol regarding this matter.  Injury time from between 30 seconds up to a maximum of 2 minutes might be allowed.  The injury time will be played at the end of the specific half.  Both team managers will be informed of the procedures.
  • If scores are even after rounds 16 – 20, teams will have a 1 minute interval, change sides and play will continue for 2 rounds of 3 minutes each, no interval time will be given between the two rounds.  If teams are still even, the game will continue until one team leads by 2 goals.  An official from the technical table will oversee all play if teams end in a draw.

M du Plessis

Netball Manager

Absa Wildeklawer Sport