Excitement mounting for the Absa Wildeklawer Sport invitational teams taking place today

The Absa Wildeklawer Sport welcomed the invitational teams taking part in this years’ Absa Wildeklawer Sport tournament last night during an event at Deo Gloria in Barkley-West.

Thomas September from Absa and Pieter Rossouw from Wildeklawer welcomed the teams from the Northern Cape and emphasised how important it is to include sports teams from our own province, the Northern Cape, to participate in this world-class event.

The development of our youth is of paramount importance to ensure the future of our children.

The room was packed with excitement mounting and the children cheering each other on.

The Wildeklawer choir sang the national anthem, amongst other traditional songs.

Listen here how the excitement built:

The following schools are taking part:

Netball: click here for the fixtures

Wildeklawer Akademie

NJ Heyns

Jankemp Hoërskool

Landbou Hoërskool

Williston Hoërskool

Victoria Wes

Rietfontein Gekombineerde Skool 

Rugby: click here for the fixtures

Wildeklawer Akademie

Hoërskool Warrenton

Hoërskool Frazerburg

Hoërskool Aggenys

Hoërskool Victoria Wes

Hoërskool Blinkklip

Hoërskool Keimoes

Hoërskool Prieska 

All the rugby results will be published here and all the netball results will be published here.

All of the games taking place at Diamantveld High School today will be streamed by Super Sport Schools. You can download the Super Sport Schools app for easy access.

All games will also be streamed through the Wildeklawer website. Please join one of your WhatsApp groups here: WhatsApp Group 2, WhatsApp Group 3, to keep up to date with matches.

If you want to be part of the Absa Wildeklawer Sport action but you have no data, you can read all about it at Nuus @ Afrikaans on the Moya app, brought to you by FiND iT.