37 Years of passion and dedication at Wildeklawer

Journey with us through 37 years of passion and dedication at Wildeklawer! Louis and Cora de Kock’s story of transforming a struggling farm into a thriving agricultural haven is truly inspiring.
From humble beginnings near the Vaal River in Barkly West, the De Kock family faced challenges head-on. Louis, with Cora by his side, left an academic career in Agricultural Engineering to embrace the world of commercial farming.

Picture this: two center-pivot systems, irrigation lines moved by hand and the support of Louis’ father and neighbours with tractors. The journey wasn’t easy, but after five years, a vision took root. Louis revamped Wildeklawer, implementing new irrigation systems, pump stations and pipe networks.

The careful planning extended to every inch of the farm, with laser levelling equipment shaping the land for optimal water infiltration and runoff conditions. Sustainable soil preparation became the cornerstone for future crops. Today, 17 smaller farms have converged into three main production units—Blaauwbank, Romance and De Bron, nestled on the banks of the Orange River near Hopetown.

Join us as we celebrate this incredible journey of growth, resilience, and sustainability.

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