Rain blessings and farm preparations at Wildeklawer Farm

Taylor Steel, production manager at Wildeklawer Farm, shared updates about recent weather conditions and farming activities. Wildeklawer received a generous 60mm of rain over the weekend, coinciding with heavy rains and storms in Kimberley, Barkly-West and its surrounding areas.

“The rain helps a lot – we can taper down the irrigation. Now everything is nicely wet,” Steel remarked, highlighting the immediate benefits of the rainfall on operations.

While the rain has saturated the fields earmarked for onion planting, resulting in a delay until conditions dry up slightly, Wildeklawer employs advanced techniques like lasering on the fields. This method ensures that rainwater is directed away from the planting areas into channels, preventing water logging.

Regarding other crops, the farm is gearing up for maize harvesting. Wildeklawer will commence harvesting once the sun has been out for a few days, optimising the conditions for a successful harvest.

As is common in agriculture, weather patterns play a pivotal role in production. Wildeklawer Farm, known for its commitment to natural sustainability, welcomes the rain not only for their own operations but also for farmers across the country.

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