Beet farming at Wildeklawer

Discover the benefits of beet farming at Wildeklawer Farm in the Northern Cape! 🌿

Wildeklawer Farm is your go-to destination for thriving beet crops all year round. These frost-resistant veggies are our specialty!

When you are growing beets, remember the following:

🥦 With a little patience and tender care, your garden will soon yield a bountiful harvest of vibrant and nutritious beets. They’ll add a delightful touch to your favourite dishes!

🌿 Avoid excessive nitrogen, as it can cause beets to split. Beets thrive on the goodness of boron and magnesium.

🐛 If you’re growing beets organically, be vigilant for root worms in the soil and on leaves, as they love to feast on them.

☔️ During prolonged periods of rain and cloudy weather, consider using a fungicide to protect your beets.

🌟 Be prepared for some sweet surprises! Brix levels in beets can reach an impressive 18%, resulting in a deliciously sweet taste.

😋 The most delectable beets are the young ones, measuring 4 to 5 cm.

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