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Beet farming at Wildeklawer

At Wildeklawer, we are currently in the midst of beet farming and harvesting, working diligently to cultivate and gather this versatile and nutritious root vegetable.

We have prepared the soil and sown beet seeds in optimal conditions, ensuring their growth and development.

With regular watering and protection measures in place, our beets have thrived, reaching their maturity in approximately 60 to 90 days.

Now, as we carefully dig out each beet, we prioritise preserving the delicate roots and handling them with care. Our team takes pride in meticulously cleaning the harvested beets, ensuring they are free from any dirt, leaves, or debris.

The beets harvested at Wildeklawer are known for exceptional sweet taste, making them a sought-after ingredient in a variety of culinary delights.

As we continue our beet farming and harvesting, Wildeklawer contributes to the rich tapestry of agriculture and the availability of delicious and nutritious beets for our community and markets.

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