Guess what’s happening on Wildeklawer right now?

Guess what’s happening on Wildeklawer right now? It’s CARROT PLANTING time and we are planting two million carrot seeds.

Soil preparation

We’re getting our hands dirty and prepping the soil to create the perfect bed for our carrot seeds. It’s all about giving them the best start possible.

Precision planting

Our trusty planter ensures each carrot seed is placed just right, about 2-3 cm apart and approximately 1 cm deep in the soil.

Patience is key

Carrots are like nature’s treasure waiting to be discovered. It takes around 120 – 160 days (depending on the season) from planting to harvest.

Water, water, water

Proper water management is crucial for our Wildeklawer carrots roots to grow long and luscious. We pamper our delicate sprouts with regular irrigation to keep them hydrated and dust-free.

Planting 2 million seeds

We’re planting 2 million carrot seeds per hectare. Imagine the sea of orange we’re aiming for in the end – 2 million carrots!

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