Wildeklawer Farm’s young athletes shine

Wildeklawer Farm’s netball, volleyball and soccer teams went head-to-head against Johannesburg Market and the results are in.

We’re incredibly proud of our talented young athletes and their outstanding performances.

Here are the scores:

⚽ Soccer:
* Team 1 Penalty Shootout: Johannesburg 5, Wildeklawer 4
* Masters Penalty Shootout: Johannesburg 6, Wildeklawer 5
* Team 2: Wildeklawer 4, Johannesburg 2

🏐 Netball:
* Wildeklawer 37, Johannesburg 7

🏐 Volleyball:
* Wildeklawer lost this match, but we’ll bounce back stronger next time.

Congratulations to all our players for their hard work and dedication on the field. Let’s continue to support and cheer them on as they strive for even greater achievements!

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