Wildeklawer Farm Celebrates Successful Potato Production Season, Supplying Leading South African Retail Chains

Wildeklawer Farm, renowned for its excellence in potato production, is currently celebrating a highly successful potato season. Under the ownership of Louis and Cora de Kock, the farm has reached new heights in delivering premium potatoes to leading South African national markets. With meticulous farming practices, Wildeklawer ensures that each potato meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

Cassie Carstens, spokesperson for Wildeklawer Farm, proudly shares that the farm diligently packs thousands of sacks of potatoes each day to meet the ever-growing demand. Their commitment to delivering fresh and flavourful produce is evident as they pack an impressive average of around 15,000 sacks daily. This dedication has earned Wildeklawer Farm a well-deserved reputation as a trusted source of top-quality potatoes.

Efficient transportation is a vital component of Wildeklawer Farm’s operations. The farm carefully loads the potatoes onto trucks, employing a streamlined approach with approximately 32 pallets per truck. Each pallet carries 110 sacks, totalling an impressive weight of 1,100 kilograms. This meticulous process ensures swift and efficient distribution, enabling Wildeklawer to meet the needs of their esteemed partners.

Louis de Kock has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to the agricultural industry. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious title of Potato Farmer of the Year, highlighting his expertise and dedication to potato farming. Building on this success, Louis de Kock’s unwavering commitment to excellence led him to be named Farmer of the Year in 2006. This recognition solidifies Wildeklawer’s role in supplying top-quality potatoes to the market and reinforces Wildeklawer Farm’s reputation as a trusted and sought-after supplier.

Discover the mouthwatering taste of Wildeklawer potatoes by trying their delicious potato recipe, available here.

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