Wildeklawer farm is super proud of our rugby and soccer players

The Wildeklawer Academy rugby and soccer players played against Adamantia High School, Prieska High School, Camoroon High School and Pescodia High School during two league matches. They competed in the age groups u/13, u/15, u/17 and u/19.


Have a look at some of the pictures here and herewith the results:

Herewith the results:


Prieska, 25 March:

u/15 win 19-5
u/17 lose 19-7
u/19 win 49-15

Adamantia, 17 March:

u/15 win 45-5
u/17 win 5-0
u/19 win 31-0

Pescodia, 17 March:

u/13 win 35-5

Boys High, 7 March:

u/15 win 15-5
u/17 win 24-17
u/19 win 45-


Camoroon, 1 April:

u/13 win 2-0
u/15 win 4-0

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